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Emmanuelle Royer, director of Les Chevreuils school group since it opened four years ago, has chosen to give a new direction to her career. She chose to obtain the certificate of aptitude to the functions of teacher or teacher of the schools of the master trainers (CAFIPEMF) and to leave Les Chevreuils.

Since the day of the return of the teachers, it is Lydie Lerech who succeeds her in this position of direction.

179 students out of 9 classes

Already working in the structure of the roundabout Paquet, Lydie Lerech knows the tasks that lie ahead. Before the consolidation of elementary schools, she served for ten years in the direction of the former Great Gardens. This autumn 2019 is the 21e that she provides.

Lydie Lerech runs a school with 179 students in 9 classes including 3 kindergartens. A workforce that should be magnified by the arrival of children of Travelers.

Eleven teachers will supervise the "little deer", including a new Marilin Giroux, plus one in the post of SAR and a psychologist, Delphine Vaudin, newly assigned.

With parents of pupils

Lydie Lerech indicates: "The school has just obtained the label" European School "which will be given to it soon. We will continue exchanges within the framework of Erasmus, for sustainable development, just as we will consolidate the links with the local college Émilie-Carles. Students from the large kindergarten section will be introduced to the English language, for the average courses this will be realized by two hours per week. "

"I hope," she continues, "to involve a little more parents in the life of the school; they created a very dynamic association. "

Everything is ready to welcome young Ancervillois every day from 8:30 am to 11:45 am and from 1:30 pm to 4:15 pm, however, waiting for the recruitment of two people under a contract of civic service.


Number of students enrolled in the 11 classes of the "Les Chevreuils" school group

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