Attention passengers! Now the planes will measure how many times you go to the bathroom


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  • The airline industry is one of the best known in the market and its relevance is due to the impact it has as transportation.

  • Airlines have increasingly opted for innovation to obtain the highest number of returns for their activities.

  • It is important to know what are the main elements that make the airline industry one that stands out.

The airline industry has consolidated internationally, thanks to the capacity it has to generate new consumption patterns, especially when it comes to establishing standards through which it seeks to make each of the services it has more efficient.

Within this industry, several brands stand out above all for the ability with which they have sought to innovate and maintain the highest possible performance, for each of their activities.

Understanding this it is possible to see that the bet, in the absence of airplanes that manage to dramatically reduce a flight, the bet is focused on the experience within each of the transfers and on measuring to generate data that can be exploited by the brands , as we will see later.

At the beginning we talked about the fact that the airline industry was one of the best known in the market and this was alluding to the fact that this industry is the one that faces the most challenges in areas such as customer service and security.

Regarding the customer service area, an estimate made during 2015 investigated which were the industries with the worst customer service.

The estimate was carried out by Ipsos and in this he found that the government offices were the area with the worst customer service with 39 percent of Americans, who agreed that these offices seen as an industry, were the worst attention they offered.

The second industry that scored the worst in customer service was that of telecommunications with 38 percent, while that of airlines obtained 12 percent.

The second challenge facing the airline industry is in terms of security and to understand it it is necessary to see an estimate of Jacdec in which he began to evaluate which were the safest airlines in the world.

The first best evaluated was Cathay pacific. He followed Emirates. The third airline considered by this study as the safest was EVA Airwhile the fourth was Qatar Airways

Regarding innovation, a fundamental aspect is what we will see and that has to do with the interest to generate more study on the metrics that are generated in a flight and the opportunity therein, to build better strategies especially when Understand the value of being able to do it in a strategic way.

The times you go to the bathroom turned into Big Data

It is an initiative of Airbus where the airline seeks to fill its aircraft cabins with sensors, to measure the activity that passengers carry out within them.

The airline started with a test flight aboard a A350-900 and the project is in charge of the marketing manager in the brand's booths, Ingo Wuggetzer, who assured that all the data collected is being analyzed in a laboratory to understand the habits of passengers on board their planes.

Among the habits that will be measured are the times that passengers go to the bathroom, to help the crew know when it is necessary to restock this place.

Another aspect that is being evaluated is that of the times in which the seats are reclined, in order to have knowledge of the appropriate moment to give them maintenance.

All this information is collected through sensors connected to a WiFi network, which is first analyzed by Airbus and subsequently shared with the airlines.

Among the measuring equipment that will be used are cameras that will be recording people who line up to enter a bathroom, with the guarantee that their faces will be erased from the videos guaranteeing their privacy and helping to make wait estimates and announce it, to improve the passenger experience.


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