AT&T considers getting rid of the DirecTV television division, according to WSJ


New York, Sept. 18 (EFE) .- US telecoms giant AT&T is considering getting rid of the DirecTV satellite television division, Wall Street Journal sources informed the matter.

If the operation is confirmed, it would be an important change of course for AT&T after several years in which the company's executive director, Randall Stephenson, transformed the company into a media conglomerate.

The company, says Wall Street Journal, is considering several options, including turning DirecTV into a separate public company or combining DirecTV's assets with those of Dish Network Corp, its direct competition.

AT&T, says the specialized newspaper, could however decide to keep the division, since despite the decline that cable television is experiencing against digital platforms such as Netflix or HBO, a considerable volume of benefits continues to contribute.

AT&T purchased DirecTV in 2015 for $ 49 billion, and currently this satellite television service is being analyzed in detail after the investor Elliot Management Corp revealed an investment of $ 3.2 billion, and called for strategic changes.

Specifically, he said AT&T should get rid of DirecTV.

As for the possible merger of DirecTV and Dish Network, the Wall Street Journal underlined a possible problem with US regulations, while recalling that when Dish's predecessor and former DirecTV owner tried to join in 2001 , the action was blocked by the authorities.

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