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The villain with a huge and caustic smile… smiles. Joker, a movie of Todd Phillips –Whose local premiere is scheduled for Thursday, October 3– just won the Golden Lion, the Venice Festival's jackpot, in a historical case for the film genre dedicated to superheroes and their archrivals. Of course, the film that will be released here with the most familiar title Joker It is not a typical adventure film with men and women in tights and super powers shine because of its absence: the film starring Joaquin Phoenix is ​​closer to the darkness and sociopathies of Taxi Driver (the classic of Martin Scorsese It is literally one of its great influences) than the last installment of the universe DC.

The Joker of Phillips and Phoenix is ​​the portrait of a progressive descent into madness and crime in a gothic city very similar to the New York of the 70s, the same that American cinema knew how to portray with all its shadows in those years, and the fascination of the story by the actions of its protagonist – who divided the waters of the critic after its world premiere a week ago – surely will follow the path of controversy. And of the prizes: the name of the actor is sounding strong as the possible winner of how many statuettes he crosses ahead, including Oscars.

The jury chaired by Argentina Lucrecia Martel awarded the second prize in importance of the winners to the film J'accuse, Polish's latest feature film Roman Polanski. More than one journalist with supposed skills as a futurologist and eager to polemicize must be biting his tongue: The 76th edition of the Italian festival began with the Salta's statements regarding the director's presence at the event, referring to the accusations of rape and stupor that still weigh on his person, but also mentioning that his vision of the work does not It was going to be marked by the name of the artist. The director of the festival, Alberto Barbera, went out to declare immediately that “art history is full of artists who committed crimes but we have continued to admire his works of art and the same applies to Polanski. He is, in my opinion, one of the last great masters of European cinema and we cannot wait two hundred years to decide if his films are great or can easily be forgotten. ”

All questions regarding the possible partiality of Martel before the film of the director of Rosemary's baby have proved unfounded and this new fictional reconstruction of the famous Dreyfus case – which many have related to the persecution of Polanski himself over the past four decades – he ended up taking the Grand Jury Prize, also composed of Shinya Tsukamoto, Piers Handling, Stacy Martin, Mary Harron, Paolo Virzì and Rodrigo Prieto.

The Silver Lion for Best Direction fell on the experienced Swedish filmmaker Roy Andersson (Second floor songs), whose new creation, the short About Endlessness, was consigned by the specialized press present in the Lido as a new reflection on the human condition, with all its flavors, the bitter ones and also the sweets. The Volpi Cup for Best Actress It was awarded to the French Ariana Arcaride for its central role in Gloria Mundi, directed by her husband, veteran and always active Robert Guédiguian, while the twin award for male roles ended up in the hands of Luca Marinelli, protagonist of Martin Eden, by Pietro Marcello, one of the films of the Official Competition that more rivers of ink full of admiration generated during the Venetian days.

The rest of the official awards were distributed among the Italian film Mafia non è più quella di una volta, by Franco Maresco (Special Jury Prize), No.7 Cherry Lane, the Chinese animated film directed by Yonfan (Best Screenplay) and the Australian Babyteethby Shannon Murphy, whose young protagonist, Toby wallace, is about to return to the land of kangaroos with the Revelation Interpreter Award under the arm.

The prizes of the main sections

Official Competition

Golden Lion: Joker (United States), by Todd Phillips.

Grand Jury Prize: J'accuse (France-Italy), by Roman Polanski.

Silver Lion to the best address: Roy Andersson, About Endlessness (Sweden-Germany-Norway).

Volpi Cup for best actress: Ariane Ascaride, Gloria Mundi (France Italy).

Volpi Cup for best actor: Luca Marinelli, Martin Eden (Italy-France).

Special Jury Prize: The mafia non è piè quella di una volta (Italy), by Franco Maresco.

Best screenplay: Yonfan, No. 7 Cherry Lane (China-Hong Kong).

Marcello Mastroianni award to the revelation interpreter: Toby Wallace, Babyteeth (Australia).

Lion of the Future (Luigi De Laurentiis Award for Best Opera Prima): You Will Die At 20by Amjad Abu Alala (Sudan-France-Egypt).

Orizzonti section

Best film: Atlantisby Valentyn Vasyanovych (Ukraine).

Best Direction: Theo Court, White on white (Spain-France-Chile).

Special Jury Prize: Verdictby Raymund Ribay Gutierrez (Philippines-France).

Best actress: Marta Nieto, Mother (Spain-France).

Best Actor: Sami Bouajila, Bik Eneich: A Fils (Tunisia-France-Lebanon).

Best screenplay: Jessica Palud, Philippe Lioret and Diastème, Come back (France).

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