Asobancaria calls Movii's television commercial "openly misleading" | Present


After La W will reveal a television commercial for Movii, which promotes a debit card and launches strong criticism of the financial sector, Asobancaria said in a statement that such information is openly misleading.

"For example, it is noted that only 20% of the population access formal credit in banking entities, that only 2.4 million people make payments online, and that to open products requires a large number of papers and requirements. Worse still , it is mistakenly concluded that these situations are what lead people to resort to drop by drop, "says the guild.

And it delivers its own figures: "Actually; (i) about 40% of the adult population (14 million) has at least one current credit product; (ii) it is confused when it is claimed that 2.4 million people they make online payments, without mentioning that such payments are only part of the universe of digital payments, which today amount to 2,159 million operations; and (iii) currently financial institutions offer simplified credit and savings products in which only information from your ID is required. "

Asobancaria adds that this corroborates the efforts of the sector in terms of financial inclusion and deepening, and shows its permanent willingness to offer better products and services that keep consumers from drop by drop.

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