Arnold Schwarzenegger as President of the United States in Kung Fury 2


Solène Filly, published on September 18

The actor unveiled on Twitter a photo taken during the shooting of "Kung Fury 2", in which we can see it in the famous oval office.

While the highly anticipated "Terminator: Dark Fate" is about to arrive in theaters – with Linda Hamilton back in the famous role of Sarah Connor – Arnold Schwarzenegger is already busy with another project: "Kung Fury 2". A film that is the sequel to the medium-length film of, and with, David Sandberg, in which the director embodies the policeman Kung Fury, who decides to travel back in time to stop the Kung Führer Adolf Hitler. A kind of tribute in the form of comedy martial arts movies of the 1980s, the first part of which was presented in Cannes and had harvested more than 40 million views on YouTube.

From Governator to President

In this new adventure, Kung Fury will cross the road of characters interpreted by Michael Fassbender and David Hasselhoff, but also that of an Arnold Schwarzenegger become President of the United States. Indeed, the former governor of California took advantage of the shooting, which recently took place in Bulgaria and Germany, to share some photos. The first, posing next to David Sandberg, and the second, comfortably seated in the chair of the American president, feet on the desk and cigar in hand.

Clichés that accompanied by the following legend: "I met David more than 4 years ago, when he showed me his short 'Kung Fury' which made me laugh a lot. I told him at the time that if he made a feature film, I was a starter. Now, we have a lot of fun filming this film. His vision and tenacity inspire me a lot. I hope they will inspire you too."

For the moment, "Kung Fury 2" does not have release date yet.

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