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Argentina's basketball team is measured with that of Russia in a match that will decide the first place in Group B of the 2019 World Cup in China, whose second phase is classified as masters.

The meeting is held at the Wuhan Sports Center (13,000 spectators).

Argentina, with its emblem Luis Scola at the head, debuted with a victory over the Koreans by 95 to 69 and extended its good run against the Nigerians, with whom he had to strive: the final score, 94-81, was wider than job he demanded.

"We knew that the key game was with Nigeria. Being able to handle the anxiety and pressure were the keys to our victory. Now Russia is coming and we have to try to focus again because we want to finish first in the Group," he said Monday at a conference Press forward Patricio Garino.

The coach of the team, Sergio "Oveja" Hernández, stressed the importance of the match against Russia and avoided looking further.

"For now we do not think about what will come because any victory creeps into the next round," Hernandez explained to EFE.

Argentina arrives at this meeting without injury and with a happy and motivated team after Luis Scola became, on Monday, the second highest scorer in the history of the World Cups.

Before Korea, Hernández took advantage of the rapid advantage achieved and made several modifications to give rest to the usual owners. However, the Argentines had great wear on Monday against Nigeria and that is why there are likely to be many rotations before Russia.

The team commanded by Sergey Bazarevich, on the other hand, suffered in the two games he played so far, although they achieved the initial objective of qualifying for the second round of the event.

In its debut against Nigeria (82-77), Russia was only able to tip the balance in its favor in the fourth quarter.

On the second day, against South Korea (73-87), the Russians recovered from an 18-27 against in the first set, arrived with a slight advantage to rest (37-40) and were only able to define the game when Ten minutes left.

There is a very recent history between the two selected, and it was an Argentine triumph by 85 to 64 in Ningbo, a friendly for this World Cup played on August 26.

South Korea and NIgeria, with no chance of getting into the fight for the title, will try to close the area with a good performance. Africans leave as favorites.

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