Arda Turan was sentenced to 32 months in jail for firing a gun in a hospital


Turkish footballer Arda Turan, former player of Barcelona, ​​has been sentenced to two years and eight months in jail, without immediate entry into prison, for carrying a weapon without a license, with which he shot to the ground in a hospital.

The Turkish international, currently at the Basaksehir in Istanbul, you won't have to go to prison, unless he commits another crime in the next five years, having renounced to appeal the sentence.

The facts judged date back to October 2018, when Turan he fought in a disco with the popular singer Berkan Sahin, who had accused the footballer of harassing his wife.

The court acquitted Turan of the crime of harassment, but condemned him for intentional injuries, having broken the nose of the singer; for illegal possession of weapons; and for having fired the gun in the hospital where Sahin had come after the fight.

During the trial, the player denied the harassment, but acknowledged the other facts, although it ensures that the shot was accidental.

"Thank God, Turkish Justice has considered it a shameful defamation"Turan wrote in reference to the acquittal of the crime of harassment, in a statement released by NTV

The Turkish striker, assigned since January 2018 by Barça al Basaksehir of the Turkish Super League, has also denounced Sahin for "defamation". (EFE)

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