Apple Pay used by nearly 10% of consumers in the United States –


apple pay

According to a study by Bain, Apple Pay would now be used by 9% of US consumers making it the first mobile payment method, ahead of Venmo (7%), Zelle (6%) or Square Cash (3%) . The same study, however, places these new forms of payment far behind the credit card (80%), the check (53%) or even Paypal (44%).

Payments by smartphone in general and Apple Pay in particular seem to be gradually attracting US consumers even if the figures remain well below the adoption rates observed in China, where Alipay and WeChat Pay are used by a majority of Chinese.

Despite its pioneering role in electronic banking since the 1970s, France seems strangely immune to the benefits of mobile payment. According to a note from the Banque de France, published last July, only 0.1% of payments would pass for the moment by smartphones.

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