An old rejuvenated, that's the new electric vocho


Perhaps there is no more iconic car in the world than the Volkswagen Sedan, that car that was devised as a war car managed to conquer the heart of thousands. Now, This model could be revived with a new electric heart, with all the style of a convertible.

eClassics is the company in charge of carrying out this modification, which is based on a vocho that keeps the classic silhouette of the exterior, with the extra of a removable roof, but with a motor train coming from the e-up, a Citadino Group electric Volkswagen

The sum of these elements gives rise to and-Beetle, which forgets the old engine in the rear compartment to be more modern than ever.

The electric propeller is capable of developing 82 horsepower, and thanks to a 36.8 kWh lithium-ion battery, it can offer a total autonomy of 200 kilometers per charge.

The adaptations for the sedan to be modern are several, but one of the most important, In addition to the engine itself, it is the reinforcement of the chassis and brakes, as they are very heavy, leaving the total mass of the vehicle at 1,280 kilograms.

The capacities of this electric vocho are diverse, and manufacturers estimate that it is capable of accelerating up to 80 km / h in just eight seconds, which for a vehicle of these characteristics are good numbers, in addition, the e-Beetle would have a top speed 150 km / h.

Sadly for fans of this car, although it is an idea of ​​the brand, it is eClassics who performs the conversion in its workshop located in Stuttgart, so Now the package is not for sale, although this unit could be ordered in the future special, although the price that would buy this toy is unknown.

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