Amazon develops a system to use your hands as a payment method


The company Amazon Not only has it become the most popular online store around the world, but also could be the first to implement a payment system based on our hand.

This is revealed by The New York Post, noting that the company is already working on the development of this system, where all we would have to do to pay is to scan our hand.
This technology, called Orville, would already be in the testing phase and, according to the newspaper cited, they would be performing these days using the employees themselves in Whole Foods stores in New York.

The great novelty that Orville offers is that customers do not need to put their hand on a sensor, but that scanning technology with the simple fact of observing it can identify the customer and his account linked to his payment systems.
This biometric identification development would work with artificial vision. When you pass your hand through the sensor, it would detect parts that are unique to each person, so no other identification method such as displaying a card would be necessary.
The system would automatically connect to Amazon servers and perform the transfer.
For now, the company of Jeff Bezos He has not wanted to assess or confirm the existence of this Orville plan, although since the New York Post already announced that there are plans to implement this system next year.
But nevertheless, the big question is how this would affect user privacy, since to work, this system must have a huge database on the characteristics of the hands of customers.

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