Alert for Hurricane Dorian in Florida: where are the shelters and what are the recommended security measures


How to prepare for the arrival of Hurricane Dorian in the United States

First, it is recommended cover windows with shutters or plywood. Also store objects and outdoor furniture, such as garden chairs tables and trash cans, as these could fly and hit people with the arrival of wind gusts.

In addition, information regarding the hurricane must be constantly monitored. The organization advises tune into the radio to the National Administration of the Ocean and the Atmosphere (NOAA).

Likewise, due to possible floods, they must be checked for possession. important documents, insurance policies and valid IDs, to later put them in plastic bags and safety boxes so that they are not affected by moisture. In addition, you can take pictures and save scanned copies to a USB drive that is carried on the key ring.

Another of the security measures prior to the effects of the meteorological phenomenon, is Know the most effective routes to go to shelters and safe areas.

It should be checked that the tank of the cars are full, to move smoothly in case the area should be left. In the case of having a mobile home, you must leave it, even if you are not in a place registered as vulnerable.

The residents of the United States coasts must stay inside their homes, and avoid circulating along the beaches, banks and other sites that can be easily flooded. In case of heavy rains, you should not leave the houses and much less drive through the waters, the Red Cross recommended.

It also can download the Red Cross application from the United States where real-time weather alerts are issued, in addition to providing information on open and available shelters.

Finally, you have to check that the food you have is in good condition and does not expire soon. It is also advisable to buy non-perishable canned food and water bottles.

All people who could be affected by the most dangerous category 5 Dorian hurricane should have a emergency kit for people and pets.

These must contain a radio with batteries, so that in the event that the electricity is cut off people can continue to inform themselves of what is happening abroad, a swiss army knife, first aid kit with bandages, bandages, alcohol, cotton and medicines that can be supplied for at least seven days.

They must also contain personal hygiene items, chargers and wireless batteries for cell phones, family contact information and emergency numbers, an internal (do not use candles), maps of the area, can opener, extra set of car and house keys, a whistle to ask for help if required, mask or mask to filter dust, garbage bags, extra clothes and blankets to cover the cold.

In the case of pet kits must be added leashes or chests, food, water, photos of the pet with the owner to make it easier to locate them in case they separate, and collars with their data.

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