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Igor G. Vico – Wednesday, September 4, 2019 – Updated at 06: 03h

Duration: 76:28 minutes of play.

Kicks: 1 of Olaizola II (both 2).

Lack of service: None.

Pelotazos: 839 balls to good.

So many at stake: 13 from Olaizola II, 1 from Albisu, 8 from Artola and 1 from Imaz.

Errors: 1 from Olaizola II, 5 from Albisu, 4 from Artola and 2 from Imaz.

Marker: 0-1, 1-1, 4-1, 4-2, 5-2, 5-3, 6-3, 6-6, 6-7, 7-7, 7-10, 9-10, 9-11, 11-11, 12-11, 12-12, 13-12, 13-13, 13-14, 14-14, 15-14, 15-15, 19-15, 19-16 and 22- 16.

Bets: 100 to 80 exit positions were sung in favor of Olaizola II-Albisu.

Incidents: Match corresponding to the semifinals of the San Antolín de Lekeitio Tournament of the LEP.M played at the Santi Brouard de Lekeitio pediment. About 200 spectators.

lekeitio– Aimar Olaizola was yesterday the differential factor in the pediment Santi Brouard de Lekeitio. From his left-hander the shots that gave him the ticket to the final of the San Antolín de Lekeitio Tournament were born. Aimar has a hook. With a fine nose and a sharp fang, the veteran tipper collapsed the watchtowers of a long and very hard semifinal. The second star event at the Lekeitiarra fair was discussed in 79 minutes and 839 balls were crossed. The balls stayed fast and the contest ended up transforming into a torture colt. The job took its toll on Iñaki Artola and Ander Imaz, who cannot be blamed for any duty on their worker profile, as they were amazed at their physical and work capacity. The defender of Oiartzun, who on 7-10 gave four right-handeds to frame, was penalized for the material to brake, but pulled the caste to settle in a hostile environment. Jon Ander Albisu, meanwhile, restored his own mistakes in the first dozen with a party end that paved the way for the patron of Goizueta, master and lord of the hook, capable of unraveling any puzzle.

It happens that in a scenario of suffering, Artola was not able to refine himself to the same extent as his counterpart in the happy paintings. The aleiarra crossed powerful and well-marked hooks, but rivaled a magical pelotari, with the easy trigger, which barely missed. Aimar, in fact, only made one mistake: a sheet on the back of a serve. The rest was a Jacobin treaty. Olaizola II needs little to dust the guillotine.

The hunger of the goizuetarra soon unraveled. Also that the duel was going to be a championship. Artola started intoning a kick-off. Aimar replied with three hooks and an interleaved serve. Albisu made a mistake and it seemed that everything could be matched. With the 4-2 one of the hardest goals of the match was debated, which reached 96 balls. Aimar had a hard time finding the good ball, but when he saw it, he stuck a stop at the txoko. The distance increased (6-3).

But Artola and Imaz wanted to discuss the red power. Based on work and some mistakes of Albisu, the Blues managed to turn it around (6-7 and 7-10). Although Aimar and Jon Ander continued erre que erre. Ties were recorded at eleven, twelve, thirteen – which came with a score of 103 balls – fourteen and fifteen.

If Aimar had already made a difference up to that moment, 722 balls were debated, it was Albisu who took command behind, opening gaps that he had not found until then. He put the red carpet to Olaizola II. They finished the job with a 7-1 run that knocked out Artola-Imaz. Goizuetarra and the defender of Ataun will play tomorrow the Lekeitio final against Altuna III-Rezusta. Baiko aspires to its fifth fair.billboard

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