Aggression and harassment by their neighbors, nothing moves for Murielle and her family despite 60 complaints: "We dare not take the bus or walk near us!"



Murielle and her family say they are assaulted and harassed. They can not see the end of the tunnel anymore
Murielle can not take it anymore. She hardly dares to go out of her house anymore. She says she is regularly assaulted and harassed by her neighbor …

La Manageoise has lived for a few years in the city of Scaimont. "In fact, everything went well before, then we had new neighbors, it was just as good with them at the beginning, because one of my sons was playing with the son, but he stopped attending because he did not was not a good attendance Since that day, nothing is going well"

Strikes were made, threats were made. "We have not let things happen, I have been contacting the police for three years when something is happening, and in the end, nothing moves"

Murielle says she has filed a good sixty complaints, some in his name, some to that of his son and others to that of his companion, having been victim also.

"C.from the neighbor but who is still surrounded. He does not hesitate to hit, even with safety boots. He practices combat sports. His friends too. In particular, I suffered a concussion following strokes that had been given to me. Some of my complaints are accompanied by reports of injury ",

Murielle tells

The family would be scared to the point of not daring to take the bus or walk in the vicinity. "I already have it for 800 euros of taxi fees for a month.By bus, I'm too scared.My son has already left at 6 am on foot to the school to avoid them

Despite the steps of the Manageoise, nothing moves. "My Neighborhood Officer told me I should move. It's up to us to move. In addition, it is not easy to find a house with five rooms "

On the side of the police of Mariemont, we are told to be aware of the situation. "Last year, Madam had written to the P committee, so I was more interested in the file. There are many interventions, some even where the neighbors admit to hit but others also where they are not necessarily victims,

explains Dominique Ramet, Commissioner
And to conclude: "In any case, PVs have been drafted. We made the necessary judicially. "

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