ADVANC agreed to pay 680 million baht to settle a dispute for the purchase of TOT telecommunications equipment

10 >> "Advanced Info Service" entered into a dispute settlement agreement and purchased telecommunications equipment in the 2G system between "AWN", a subsidiary with TOT, agreed to pay the claim with interest of 680 million baht. Already spent 559 million baht

Advanced Info Service (ADVANC) announced today (25 Sep) that the company entered into a dispute resolution and purchase and purchase telecommunications equipment in the 2G system between its subsidiary, Advanced Wireless Network Company Limited. (AWN) with TOT. TOT and AWN agreed to settle disputes relating to telecommunications equipment in the 2G system. TOT calls for AWN to pay the use of the said assets during the month. Oct 15-Jun 16 In the case of Black No. Phor. 456/2560 was terminated. TOT will not claim any damages About this dispute

In this regard, AWN agreed to pay TOT as claimed, including interest totaling Baht 680 million. The Company has recorded expenses in the financial statements since the month of Oct 15-Jun 16, amount of 559 million baht.

In addition, AWN agreed to purchase telecommunications equipment in the 2G system from TOT in order to use some of the devices in the telecommunications network that can be used with the 3G and 4G networks, including the payment of the equipment usage during July. – Aug 19, worth approximately 250 million baht

Previously, AWN leased all used 2G devices from TOT. By paying rent at the rate of 167 million baht per month since July 16, the purchase of the above equipment, resulting in AWN terminating the rental of the equipment from TOT from September 62 onwards

Entering into the dispute settlement agreement and purchase telecommunication equipment at this time Due to the changing technology Therefore, most 2G devices cannot be utilized as well as the Office of the Broadcasting Commission Television business And the National Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) has a policy to require telecommunications service providers to terminate 2G services in the near future, causing AWN to no longer need to use most devices in the 2G system.

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