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Claudio Vivas He has never been able to remove Marcelo Bielsa's assistant label. He has lived with that label since he decided to leave his comfort zone to write his own history as a technician and, although it has generated many revenues to get a job, it is that parallel with the 'Madman' who has insufflated the expectations placed in the. Being considered Bielsa's alter ego is too heavy a burden that defunctions any process if the results do not help. That is what has happened to Vivas in Sporting Cristal.

In purely statistical terms, the Argentine strategist achieved an effectiveness of 59% of the points at stake thanks to 19 wins, 10 draws, 9 losses, 67 goals scored and 41 received. Its production does not seem so bad. But by contrasting it with the present, the precariousness of its Crystal is stripped: eliminated from the Copa Libertadores in group stage, out of the South American in the round of 16 against an accessible rival such as the Zulia of Venezuela, second of the Opening behind the Binational, without Bicentennial Cup after falling in quarters with Atlético Grau of Second Division, and says goodbye sixth in the current Clausura.

When the beer directive hired him, probably under the parameters of the style book imposed a few years ago, the requirement underpinned to profess the virtues of bielsism, which in Vivas's words is summed up in “verticality, offensive unfolding, attack pressure, high… ”, All that compendium of attributes that failed to combine in most of the parties he directed. His Crystal did not have the desired offensive production (average of 1.8 goals per game) nor the required defensive security (1.1 received per game) to satisfy the palate of the beer fan that came from savoring a great title with the model eleven from Chilean Mario Salas.

It should also be fair to clarify that without Gabriel Costa or the injured Emanuel Herrera – the tandem scorer of last season – the Argentine strategist had to configure practically a new attack structure. Without that axis he could not find practical solutions. And he was left without that knockout blow that subjected the rivals, and exposed his crystal jaw when defending his bow, although in his favor he played the intention and courage to always be the protagonist in all the fields.

Asking his Crystal to play in addition as the teams of his mentor was a delirium of the leaders. “Being Bielsa is difficult. In my career I owe everything to him, but we want to impose our imprint, ”Vivas promised at first. His great sin was that this promised imprint was not effective in numbers nor was it regular in the game.

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