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The Sandy Hook Promise association, created in 2012 by relatives of the victims of this killing occurred in a primary school during which 26 people including 20 children had lost their lives, launched Wednesday a campaign as icing as original. The organization, which advocates for tougher legislation on gun control and better prevention, has posted a video titled: "BackToSchoolEssentials"(" Essentials of the return "in French, Ed).

Teenagers, filmed in a school, follow each other in front of the camera. A big smile hanging on the face, they each turn to praise an accessory. "This year, my mother bought me the perfect bag for school," says a first speaker. "These files help me to organize," slips a second, while a young, headphones screwed on the ears, continues: "This helmet is just what I needed to study."

"Do you know what it means"

Brutally, the atmosphere changes and we guess that a shooting starts. A teenager takes the legs to his neck and slips: "These new sneakers, it's just what I needed for the new year." A young girl, trying to block the doors of a gym by tying her clothes, says: "This jacket is really something to have."

A boy escapes breaking the window of a classroom. "This skateboard is very cool!", He exclaims. Refugees in a room, two children extol the merits of their new acquisitions. "These scissors can be really practical," says one. "These crayons too," answers the other. In a corridor, a teenage girl makes a tourniquet to one of her friends, wounded, with her sock. "These new socks can save your life," she says. Finally, a young girl, hidden in the toilet, cries by sending a message, then confides to the camera: "I finally have my cell phone, I can stay in touch with my mother."

The video ends with these few words: "The school is coming back, and you know what it means, we can avoid shootings at school, but we need to know the signs."

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