A mysterious disease that affects Norwegian dogs has already left 25 dead pets


Dozens of dogs in Norway suffer a mysterious disease, in some cases fatal, whose cause is unknown, causing concern among the owners, whom the authorities urged to prevent their dogs from coming into contact with each other.

In the last weeks about 200 dogs suffered the same symptoms – diarrhea and / or hemorrhagic vomiting, sudden weakness– The Norwegian veterinary institute said Monday. Among them, around 25 already died.

"That does not mean that everyone suffers from the same disease as there are many that include several of those symptoms," said Asle Haukaas, spokesman for the Norwegian Veterinary Institute. Autopsies of ten dogs revealed each time a serious intestinal infection, the source said.

In five cases the presence of two bacteriaclostridium perfringens Y providencia alcaifaciens– in "abnormally high amount"he added.

Most of the reported cases occurred in or around Oslo, the capital, but there were also in Bergen, Trondheim and the northern municipality of Nordland.

"That healthy and big Norwegian dogs die so quickly is certainly serious. It is a very special situation as I have not known before "said the institute's emergency director, Jorun Jarp.

The health authorities urged to walk the dogs on a leash and to limit contacts between them.

Many people chose not to take dogs to public places. At the moment, nothing indicates that this disease is transmitted to other animals or to the human being.

(With information in AFP and AP)

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