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And if it was ultimately predictable? While everything seemed to announce the opposite, Anderlecht won his first win of the season against a standard unrecognizable.

The least we can say is that on paper, this Clasico has rarely seemed so unbalanced in favor of the Standard: the Rouches come to Lotto Park with the opportunity to take the lead in the ranking at Mauves looking for a first victory. Worse: Kompany, injured himself, has to deal with the absences of Kana (injured), Nasri (who is said to be sick) and Doku (by disciplinary choice).

Suffice to say that the Standard is confident and hopes to sink his rival history whose eleven has the looks of DIY (Gerkens, Thelin holders, as Saelemaekers returned the devil vauvert). The defense, however, holds the road: Sardella a tackle slid in front of Carcela served very intelligently by Paul-Jose Mpoku free-kick and Standard will get very few opportunities frank, always finding an excellent Sandler or a less orthodox but effective Cobbaut on his way.

In front, the Anderlecht side, the song does not really change: if Thelin takes more balloons of the head than a "fake 9", it is not very present in the rectangle and all is terribly lacking acceleration. The stadium roars when Gerkens and Bokadi smash each other in the rectangle, but the contact is not at fault – even if it will force Michel Vlap to play the game a little later in the first period.

The enigma Saelemaekers

It's finally a man we had a vintage time on a siding that will make the difference: on a beautiful combination right side with Nacer Chadli, which is heels, Alexis Saelemakers calmly sign his first professional goal (1-0, 31st), punishing the Standard for a sluggish half-time. The young side, very mobile, will even fail to give a very nice assist that Vlap will not manage to transform from the head to the penalty spot. What to wonder about a setting aside at the beginning of the season that seems to have had the merit of stinging him …

And Standard side? It's simple: Michel Preud'homme's team is unrecognizable. While we talk about the problems of Rouches on the move for a long time now, even the fact that all too often in the apathetic Liégeois, not necessarily bad technically but in breakdown of grinta and percussion in the last gesture.

Paul-José Mpoku, not necessarily more successful than his teammates, will have at least one reason to rejoice on the personal level: his little brother Albert Sambi Lokonga will come back to the game for the first time since his serious injury – ironically, it is on the free-kick leading his climb that "Polo" forced Van Crombrugge to his first big stop (63). Conscious of missing out on his match, Standard will start to push and put much more pressure. Result: some clearances to the cookie cutter and some moments of panic that put the Rouches in heat.

Unlike previous weeks however, the RSCA will manage to let the storm pass. Lokonga, back in sentinel, seems ready to put an end to the hesitations concerning the post. In an exultant stadium, Francis Amuzu close to the goal of K.O. after taking advantage of an approximation of Bokadi, but his shot passes little (83e).

The first minutes of Denis Dragus game will change nothing: as a symbol, Anderlecht will have enjoyed the first Clasico of the season to win his first victory. And, maybe, start the machine ….

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