3 apps that give you money practically for doing nothing


Your electronic devices could become an interesting source of income

3 apps that give you money practically for doing nothing

These apps give you money for walking or just to see what you see on your phone.

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If you want to make money for things that you probably already do and without charging anything, then you should download these applications that are willing to pay you for that. In this way, you will be receiving profits practically without making an additional effort. Get to know them!


All you have to do is link the app with an application that counts your steps, such as Fitbit or MapMyRun, among others.

If you walk 7,000 steps a day you could earn $ 5 dollars in a few months, with the possibility of earn about $ 15 dollars a year, which you can make valid to exchange for gift vouchers in companies such as Starbucks, Pizza Hut, Nike, Toys "R" Us.

Therefore, the more you walk, the more money you earn; And this is very profitable especially if you are already a person who goes from one place to another during the day.

The reason why Bounts is free is that it shows you ads while you use it.

Media Insiders

This app pays you to follow your online activities. In other words, it gives you money just to know what movements you make on your smartphones, from watching a video on YouTube to searching for a product on Amazon.

The application registers the visits you make on your website, the videos you see, the ads you see, as well as the things you do on Facebook and Twitter.

All you have to do is download the app, and you will start earning money by using your phone. The best thing is that you can download the app on up to four different devices, such as laptops, tablets and desktops, which will allow you to earn about $ 15 dollars a month without doing almost anything.

Smart panel

This app also gives you money by knowing what websites and applications you use, so that companies can improve their services and functions.

At first, you have to answer a survey to use the app, but once you answer it they will give you $ 5 dollars. Then, you can install the app and use it for two weeks, which will give you another $ 5 dollars.

Thereafter, they will give you $ 5 per month, since the app will run in the background automatically while you do your daily activities.

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