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An animal activist who has already participated in a campaign with PETA, Zahia Dehar took part in an action against the Canada Goose brand. Organized by PETA UK in front of London's flagship store on the famous Regent's Street, the protest staged a bloody "coyote" with a leg in a metal jaw trap surrounded by activists holding placards. distributing leaflets to inform people about how coyotes are trapped in nature and violently killed for their skins.

The fervent animal defender led the megaphone protest slogans sung by the many activists present, distributed leaflets and explained the event to passersby. She also gave a demonstration using a real steel jaw trap depicting the cruelty of this trapping practice, and explained her reasons for taking part in the action on TF1's cameras, filming her in action. part of an episode of 50 Minutes Inside.

"The fur of these coyotes belongs to them, and this cruelty is not glamorous," says Zahia Dehar. "After learning how much they suffer, I wanted to get involved, and I invite people to join me to say no to the immense suffering caused by Canada Goose. "

Leave their skins to the coyotes

The fur used for Canada Goose Jacket Trim comes from wild-caught wild coyotes that often die for days, from haemorrhage, dehydration, starvation, frostbite, gangrene, and predator attacks. We know that sometimes mothers who want to flee to find their hungry babies are so desperate that they go so far as to gnaw at their own members. Animals that are still alive when the trapper returns are shot, strangled, crushed to the ground, or beaten to death.

Tell Canada Goose to stop using fur and down in their down jackets.

Zahia Dehar's action and intervention, as well as comments from her about her activism, will be available in the 50-minute Inside Inside episode, broadcast on TF1 this Saturday.

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