"Young", "talented", "brilliant": Souchon evokes Macron on RTL


The news inevitably transpires in everyone, including the new songs by Laurent Voulzy. RTL's exceptional guest to talk about his event album Fifties soul, the singer wanted to speak very freely about our contemporary world and its upheavals: Ecology, Presidents, Brexit … No subject is taboo.

"We are all very worried about the planet, we are moved to have such a talented president, so young and at the same time who is banging on the fingers all day," Alain Souchon begins by referring to the current president of the Republic Emmanuel Macron.

"'Little swatter, we'll cut your head', it was marked in the rue de Rennes next to my house, he remembers, it bothers me, and at the same time … it's funny these courses It is moving these courses. These people so brilliant, so intelligent, so cultured, who find themselves so young there … It's a novel. In any case, it is romantic the life of our presidents. Whether Mitterrand, Chirac, Holland … They are so brilliant people … "

"On politics, I found it sometimes arrogant. Of course, it's because he's young. But it's pretty beautiful to see this young boy at the head of an important state like that. You know today, politics is difficult to make compliments. François Hollande was saying 'let him go, let him go'. I was there in the time of General de Gaulle and everyone also said 'he goes away, he is old, he pisses us off'. And now everyone appreciates it. Politics is special … "And Alain Souchon to conclude on the example of Brexit to illustrate the great difficulty, sometimes, to manage a democratic country.

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