Young driver in critical condition after a head-on collision in Quebec City


A driver in his twenties is between life and death after attempting an overtaking that ended in a violent frontal collision on the Route de la Bravoure in Quebec City.

The serious accident occurred around 14:45 near the rue de Montolieu in the area of ​​Val-Bélair.

According to the initial findings of the Sûreté du Québec, the young driver made a passing maneuver, heading north, when he seems to have lost control of his car. He found himself in the opposite direction.

A vehicle coming in the opposite direction could not avoid it, which caused a powerful impact.

"We fear for the life of the young man," said the agent SQ spokeswoman Marie-Pier Laurin.

As for the second driver, a man in his fifties, he was also injured, but his life would not be threatened. Both drivers were alone in their vehicle.

The accident was likely to occur at high velocity, since the speed is limited to 90 km / h on this section of the Henri-IV highway.

The SQ had initially talked about a possibly illegal overtaking by the first driver, but then changed, indicating that only the work of reconstitution will verify this possibility.

Experts in accident scene analysis went on site. Around 16h, the Bravoure Road was always closed in both directions at this location.

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