"Yellow Vests": tired of the threats, Jerome Rodrigues in a rest home


He who has become one of the figures of the movement of "yellow vests" also denounces a "police repression on his person".
Jerome Rodrigues can not take it anymore. Wounded in the eye last January in Paris, during a demonstration of "yellow vests", tired of threats and attacks, the plumber became leader of the movement will stay for a while in a nursing home, as he has entrusted to LCI.

Death threats, bullying, cyberbullying …

From this Friday, August 30, the activist will pause, on "Advice" from his doctor. At the microphone of parliamentary television, he justifies this greening by the "Police repression that is exercised on (his) person", but also by the "Phenomenon of insults and caricatures" which he estimates to have been suffering for several weeks. The leader of "yellow vests" is, for example, frequently the target of cartoons, which griment in cyclops. More seriously, he and his family often receive death threats. Jérôme Rodrigues even explains that he was intimidated in the street by "Five mastiffs". These attacks, the activist does not get used to: "I'm just a citizen, a simple plumber, I'm not trained to that", he argues.

But the "yellow vest" does not intend to abandon the fight so far. He hopes to be back from the 21 September demonstrations. In the meantime, a cyberbullying complaint is being prepared.

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