Yellow vests. In Caen, protesters stuck in the city center


After marching uneventfully in downtown Caen, this Saturday, August 31, 2019, dozens of yellow vests were stranded between two lines of police.

The demonstration of yellow vests started in the city center of Caen, this Saturday, August 31, 2019, ended rue Ecuyère, the street of Caen bars, a little after 15:30.

About fifty participants in the parade found themselves caught between police vans behind and mobile gendarmes and the Bac (Crime Brigade) in front. Impossible for them to advance further.

The rally is stopped. Contraventions were issued for participation in a prohibited demonstration, the prefect having issued an order to that effect.

Difficult traffic

While the deployment of law enforcement is impressive in downtown Caen, the situation is still calm.

In addition, some traffic difficulties were noted in the city center in the early afternoon. The wagons of mobile gendarmes, present to supervise the demonstration of the Yellow Vests and parked near the heart of town, sometimes blocked part of the traffic, rue Saint-Jean. Add to that, the large affluence with the event Place des assos and shows Eclat (s) street on the peninsula, it was not easy to circulate in Caen.

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Yellow vests. In Caen, protesters stuck in the city

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