Yellow vests: hundreds of protesters in Paris, Bordeaux, Toulouse and … Geneva


A few hundred yellow vests again paraded Saturday in Paris, Toulouse and Bordeaux for the "act 42" of this protest movement of government policy.

In Paris, a procession of a few hundred demonstrators left the place Gambetta, east, shortly before 14 hours. Arrived at the foot of the Sacred Heart, Montmartre, he dispersed quietly in the late afternoon. "Climate, employment, retreats, even combat", "Emergency for emergencies": in the parade, the signs pleaded for a convergence of struggles in this season.

The promise of a "black September"

"The pension reform can obviously federate against it," say Isabel and Nathalie, two sisters of 61 and 57 years. Both believe in the promise of a "black September" made by the "yellow vests" to the government. "It is sure and certain, it will start again".

"What makes me hold is the acute awareness that Macron is tearing apart our social model," says Isabel, denouncing pell-mell the privatization project of Aéroports de Paris and free trade agreements with Canada and Japan.

Like these two Essoniennes, Pascal has participated since 17 November in the "great majority of the demonstrations" of this unprecedented social movement, born against an anger against rising taxes before extending to a series of claims. "Seeing people hurt because they were demonstrating" confirmed this metro driver in his desire to beat the pavement. He also wants to believe that "it will necessarily start again in September, especially with the protests against the pension reform."

In the regions and … in Switzerland

In Toulouse, 100 to 150 yellow vests took part in a demonstration in the center, intoning their traditional anti-Macron songs. Jean-Pierre, 66, a retired truck driver, says he is coming back from the G7 in Biarritz: "With 700 euros of pension per month, it's normal for me to be here again and I'll be there again the following weeks. ".

In Bordeaux, a hundred demonstrators marched in the city center. "Next Saturday, it will resume because there is the summer university LREM in Bordeaux," said one of them, Pascal.

In GenevaIn Switzerland, several hundred French yellow vests gathered in front of UN buildings to protest against police violence in France. "Stop the political violence", demanded a banner placed on the floor of the Place des Nations, in front of the European headquarters of the UN, while under the sun, the demonstrators coming especially from the border regions of Switzerland gathered on the Place des Nations, traditional place of manifestation in Geneva.

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