Yann Moix to "We are not lying": "I have a dislike of myself"


Did Ruquier get Druckerized? In any case, it is not only the decor of "We are not lying" that has changed during the summer. So much so that we had the impression to attend, Friday evening, the recording of a "Vivement dimanche", during a good part of the show aired this Saturday night on France 2 at 23h10.

"I'm not a fan of animated movies, but that one then! "Enthusiasts Laurent Ruquier to present" The swallows of Kabul ", defended by Zabou Breitman. "All she does is successful, we can go," the philosopher Adele Van Reeth, one of the two polemists of the day, renamed "the witnesses" this season.

The second is Franz-Olivier Giesbert, called to the rescue after the package of Frederic Beigbeder, for lack of remuneration for the job. "It's a delight every time," says FOG about "school life" … although he did not have time to see this film co-directed by Grand Corps Sick, present on set.

"It's not a court," warns Ruquier

And then, Yann Moix, black jacket, blue shirt and frowning, landed on the old ring, turned into a confessional. Laurent Ruquier, specifies that the former chronicler of ONPC from 2015 to 2018 is "a friend" and that he invited him in June, well before the controversies because his book "Orleans", on the beaten child he describes, is "extraordinary". "It's not a court," warns the 56-year-old. (…) And that we do not accuse the TV to make him a trial whereas the written press does it for a week. "

Yann Moix begins, low profile: "My dear Laurent, I will hate myself if I speak of my book. The first thing, I apologize for the abject, shocking drawings I made at 20 (A series of cartoons and anti-Semitic texts in the magazine "Ushoahiah, the magazine of the extreme"). The young man I was, I would spit on him today. And he goes on, his quavering voice: "I beg your pardon to Bernard Henry-Lévy, (Editor's note: insulted in this same fanzine and today close to Moix) and to all those whom I have hurt from the depths of my being. Sorry for these comics. "

Laurent Ruquier relaunched on these more recent relations with sulphurous characters like Paul-Eric Blanrue, former frontist close to Holocaust denier Robert Faurisson. "Blanrue? You received it in 2008 Laurent, even the Chained Duck presented him as a royalist in 2010, "he defends himself.

"I did not know," surprised Ruquier. Moix unfolds: "As for Marc-Edouard Nabe, (Editor's note: writer accused of anti-Semitism that he attended at one time) Bern, Ardisson, or even Pivot invited him. Me, I sent him an SMS in 2007 to tell him Go get fucked after his attacks on the State of Israel. I have nothing to hide. I want to end this blackmail. For years, Yann Moix claims to have lived with the fear that his past will re-emerge: "I was so scared. "

Self flagellation

Follows on the set an autoflagellation session, when he looks back on his 20 years. "I did not have the shoulders wide enough to kill myself physically so I committed suicide morally. I have a disgust for myself, this failure, this despised and despicable being. I was vomiting. Or "I'm a coward," "I've been a junk." And he adds: "But I tried to tear myself away from this black hole, from this nightmare thanks to luminous people like BHL who allowed me to build myself intellectually. I tried to redeem myself all my life, to fight xenophobia. "

"What can push a 20-year-old to publish swastika drawings with caricatures of BHL? "Giesbert insists. Answer: "I was also attacking the myopaths, the Ethiopians, Godard. But Moix expects the uppercuts, the real ones, as "(he) in (a) distributed to Jean-François Cope when he was on the ground": "I accept all the trials, even on TV. I was a prosecutor myself here. I knew I was going to take shots but I feel rid of a weight. The most serious thing is the harm I have done to people who must be ashamed today. "

"These revelations are remotely controlled by the extreme right"

Would he have evoked this part of his past without the revelations in the press and the different polemics? "I almost told you about it Laurent (Editor's note: when he was columnist of the show)but I could not, he said. It had become a torture. I bought the newspapers to find out if it was going to fall. And the fall came. "What's the point of taking out these comics, other than knocking me out? Apart from unplugging someone who is fighting against anti-Semitism? My fight is the legitimacy of Israel. (…) These revelations are remotely controlled by the far right and everyone follows. "

For nearly an hour, there is also talk of the "martyr" that his father gave him, who "abandoned him on the highway", the first word of his mother when he was three years old: "Enc …" , his brother Alexander, voluntarily absent from his novel "to avoid the blows", who told in our columns Sunday that Yann was a "hangman" for him and in fact made him suffer the violence he described in his last book. "I decided that I will not talk to my parents anymore, but to my brother, yes. We fought, but I never beat him. He was manipulated by people who deserve to be in prison. It's a victim, too. And Moix concludes, after referring to his "dream of fatherhood" even if he feels "unable": "I'm sorry for everything I did. "

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