Yann Moix: "These texts and drawings are anti-Semitic, but I am not anti-Semitic"


In full promotion of his book Orleans (Grasset), where he relates a childhood under the influence and violence of his parents, Yann Moix faces accusations of anti-Semitism and denial. A case that takes place in two stages, and to which the writer reacts this Tuesday evening with Release.

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"I assume, I end everything. All I did at the time with three or four cons, we were completely lost types. I wrote, I drew, I produced shit. These texts and drawings are anti-Semitic, but I am not anti-Semitic. I mocked myopaths, hunger in the world, Abbé Pierre … Today, the man I am ashamed. The whole journey I've made since then, my whole life as a man, is the story of someone who tried to escape this toxic geography, to pull me out of this trap. "

"Rather than falling into shit, I rose, being intellectually curious. I had the chance to meet Bernard Henri-Lévy, who avoided me becoming the man that I could have been, a rottenness. I'm not proud, but happy with my career. The age of 20 is made to be wrong. Today, while these drawings, these texts are out, I feel free. Free from that sword of Damocles with which I lived for thirty years. I will be able to continue my work with a clear mind. And work on the writing of Reims (his next book, ed)."

If you missed the beginning of the case:

Act I. On Monday, Express reveals that the writer, now 50 years old, had published anti-Semitic drawings in a craft magazine designed by some students and himself, while he was at Sup de Co before joining Sciences Po. In this named newspaper Ushoahia, the magazine of the extreme, who lived around the years 1989-1990, Yann Moix for example signed a drawing depicting a man in deported outfit and diverting Coca-Cola commercials with this sentence: "Coca-Crema, you can beat the Jew!" ("Coca-Crema, you can hit the Jew"). Interviewed by the weekly, Moix admits to being the author of the incriminated drawings, "Lamentable and ugly productions" who urge him to comment today: "The 50-year-old man I am is literally horrified at what he was able to produce, in this case, at 21 years old. I had to be very bad about myself, so to devote myself to such a debauch of bad taste. "

Act II. This Tuesday in the late afternoon, Express speak again aboutUshoahia this time focusing on the negationist texts it contained. In one of them, for example, it is written: "Everyone knows that concentration camps have never existed." On Monday, Yann Moix formally denied being the author: "I strictly limited myself to drawing. I did not participate in any text. " And although his writing is recognizable in these handwritten texts: according to him, the texts were written by another member of the newspaper, and copied by him because he himself had "The most legible writing". A defense that collapses when Express said to have got his hands on a thick manuscript addressed to a named Marie, in which we find several texts also published in Ushoahia. This time, several pages are signed by the name of Moix.

Act III. Contacted by ReleaseYann Moix finally admits to being the author of the texts.

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