Yann Moix began to bottle on the lap of Marc-Edouard Nabe and Alain Soral. Today he is on the knees of Bernard-Henri Levy …


In the 1930s there was a far-right magazine of unparalleled anti-Jewish virulence: I'm everywhere. Talented writers, who had in common the hatred of the Jew, collaborated with it. Moix is ​​also talented and, in another life, he could have written there.

His last book Orleans is, it seems, a very beautiful novel. In Atlantico, Annick Geille says the greatest good and there is no reason not to believe it. The writer Yann Moix is ​​therefore estimable. The man Yann Moix is ​​absolutely not. In Orleanshe tells, with a beautiful pen, how his father martyred him during his childhood.

The father, described as an executioner, reacted, indignant. If he was severe with his son, what he admits is that he was martyring his younger brother. Then, it is the younger brother who invited himself into the controversy. The details he gives about what he suffered from Yann Moix are appalling.

Moix hates his father and his brother. His brother hates him. And he swayed the media with antisemitic writings of the writer when he was twenty-one. It's worth I'm everywhere. One example among others equally abject: "Too bad that Adolf did not shave the skulls of Bernard-Henri Levy, André Glucksmann and Anne Sinclair". Since then, Yann Moix is ​​everywhere. Newspapers, radios. He says that today, at fifty, he hates the man he was at twenty-one. That he is ashamed. And that it was his meeting with Bernard-Henri Levy that prevented him from becoming a "rot".

His redemption therefore. But his way to Damascus was not too long since the philosopher brought him rue des Saint-Pères where he had it published by Grasset. We will not speak ill of Moix for his writings of twenty-seven years ago. At the extreme limit, it could be a private affair between him and BHL.

On the other hand, we remember that at Ruquier he dragged Nadine Morano in the mud, which had the misfortune and the clumsiness of saying that "France is a country of white race". He then said: "France can be Muslim!" Yann Moix does not know what France is. Muslim, it may be someday if, God forbid, Moix and his people come to power …

In another program, after having visited the migrants in Calais, which he said he had been mistreated by the police, he questioned two police officers present: "You are attacking the weak and the poor, but when it comes to going to Dangerous places, you ch … in your pants! " Policemen then invited him to go with them to the neighborhoods. Moix did not deign to answer them. That's all the harm we wanted to say about him.

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