Yann Moix "apologize" for his antisemitic drawings on the set of "We are not lying"


Yann Moix in Paris, November 4, 2013. – A. Gelebart / 20 Minutes

"An autoflagellation session": this is how it is described by The Parisian the provision of
Yann Moix when recording the next show ofWe are not lying, which took place this Friday night in Paris. "I did not have the shoulders wide enough to kill myself physically so I committed suicide morally. I have a disgust for myself, this failure, this despised and despicable being. I vomited, "said the writer. But also: "I am a coward", or "I was a junk".

" I ask forgiveness "

The polemist also apologized for the anti-Semitic drawings and negationist texts he authored when he was a student. "The first thing, I apologize for the abject, shocking drawings I made when I was 20 years old. The young man I was, I would spit on him today, "he said. "I apologize to Bernard Henri-Lévy [now one of his relatives] and to all those I have hurt from the depths of my being. Sorry for those comics, "he says.

The writer has been controversial for several weeks because of his new novel Orleans, in which he recounts being abused by his father, what his family
contest. His brother, Alexander, accuses Yann Moix of having been his
"Hangman" during their childhood: "attempted defenestration", "drowning in the toilet bowl", "recurrent beating", sequestration at the age of 7 years … "I have suffered twenty years of abuse and humiliations of a rare violence on his part. The very ones he describes in his novel, by lending them to our parents, "says Alexandre Moix in a
open letter published in The Parisian.

The show Ruquier will be broadcast this Saturday night. But if you want to hear Yann Moix speak, it will take a long time: the guest was programmed last.



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