World | USA: At least 5 dead and 21 wounded in Texas shootings


A "blind" shootings by at least one gunman from a stolen postal truck left at least 5 dead and 21 injured Saturday in Odessa, western Texas, police said.

"An individual (possibly two) is currently rolling in Odessa shooting at random people. At the moment there are several victims by bullets, "wrote the local police on his Facebook page.

"The suspect has just taken hostage a truck from the post office," she added, urging the population to stay away from highways and be very careful.

According to a CNN city spokesman quoted by CNN, the shooting resulted in at least one dead person and ten wounded.
The New York Times, citing the mayor of nearby Midland, Jeremy Morales, also said a suspect was arrested. "I'm not sure he's alive," the mayor told the New York newspaper.

"We think there are two shooters in two separate vehicles," including a postal truck, Midland police said on his Facebook page.

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