World | To remain a billionaire, the widow of the Volkswagen boss must not … remarry


If Ursula Piëch were ever tempted to remarry, she will have to think twice. Widow of the historic boss of Volkswagen Ferdinand Piëch, who died Sunday, she will lose indeed her (juicy) inheritance in case of new marriage, reports Wednesday BFMTV.

This astonishing "celibacy clause" is recorded in the statutes of the two foundations that manage the fortune of the Piëch. If the fourth and last wife of the missing billionaire were to be convoluted again, she would simply lose the presidency of both foundations, as well as her seat on the advisory councils of these two.

12 children

And if the grandson of Ferdinand Porsche, whose personal fortune is estimated at 1.1 billion euros, made this decision, it is not for lack of confidence. On the contrary. To Ursula comes the heavy task of avoiding the squandering of the family fortune among the 12 children of the patriarch – he had ten with his wives and two on liaisons.

In France, such a clause of celibacy in a will is most often considered discriminatory, says a lawyer interviewed by the news channel continuously. But she could be admitted to protect children.

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