World | The Teddy's daddy of "Goodnight the little ones" is dead


Remember, children of the 60s, 70s and 90s: Nounours, adorable puppet of the television, wished all the children "Good night the little ones …".

The puppeteer who created it in 1962, Marcel Ledun, died in the night from Thursday to Friday at the age of 90, at the Saint-Antoine Ehpad of Lille where he had just been placed, reports this Saturday The voice of the North.

He had been called by the producer Claude Laydu to animate the daily show, which had made boxes of audience on the ORTF, then the RTF and France 2.

Three "seasons"

In his first version, Big Bear, led on a cloud by Ulysses the sandman, pays a visit to P'tit Louis and Mirabelle in their pavilion, and talks a little with them before going up on his cloud from where the Merchant of sand throws the golden dust that gives them sleep.

During the second season, new children, this time living in an apartment and named Nicolas and Pimprenelle, will replace P'tit Louis and Mirabelle. Big Bear will be renamed Teddy Bear.

Finally, during the third season, Nounours lives with his sister Émilia and his nephew Oscar in the "cave aux Ours", in the mountains. All three are struggling with turbulent marmots, Trotte, Tricotte and their children Pirouette and Gline-Gline.

For the nostalgic, an official channel on YouTube, specially dedicated to the show, was created. It has more than 22,000 subscribers.

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