World | Lottery: he "gets ready" 10 months before claiming his huge gain


"I started thinking about what this award would mean for my family," Bon Truong told a press conference Wednesday evening in Edmonton, capital of the province of Alberta (west).
I realized that it would change a lot of things and I wanted to make sure we would be ready. "

Ten months after pulling the right numbers – the same ones he has been playing for decades – in the Canadian lottery, he finally asked for his prize. "We are ready"! he has launched the Western Canada Lottery Corporation, which organizes the lotto.

Younger children do not know it

With the money, the lucky winner intends to pay his mortgage, all his other bills, and go on vacation before returning to his gardener's job. Bon Truong, 55, arrived in Canada with his family 36 years ago while fleeing the war in Vietnam.

"Arriving here with nothing after the war in Vietnam, they worked," said Mina Truong, her niece, who attended the press conference, "Thirty years later, it pays, and it makes me happy for them." The gardener still has not revealed his gain to his young children because he wants to instill in them the sense of work. "Maybe in ten or twenty years I'll tell them," he said with a laugh.

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