World | A conglomeration sanctioned because … she has too many women at her head


"I find it funny to be sanctioned for this reason and not only do I assume but I claim to have so many women on management teams", explains the president of the community and mayor of Bourg-en-Bresse, the socialist Jean-François Debat.

In his letter, the prefecture of Ain tells him that in the last five appointments on the executive positions of this new community created in 2017 and which includes 74 municipalities, four women were appointed for one man.

What the law says ?

Since 2013, the so-called "Sauvadet law" imposes a rise of parity in the appointments of the management of the civil service. And since 2017, it is necessary to respect the proportion of 60/40 of men-women. A proportion that is also valid in the other direction: that is to say, we must not hire more than 60% of women in management positions.

From now on, Jean-François Debat intends to make a "hierarchical appeal" to the government to question him on this sanction considering that it would have deserved "a blow of hat" and not "a shot of warning" for this situation.

Lille before Bourg-en-Bresse

Because at the national level, in the management teams of the territorial public service, we are still far from parity with 30% of women in 2017 and 34% of first-time, or 6 points below the threshold of 40%, according to the last assessment of this "balanced appointments mechanism".

In this report, it also appears that the city of Lille was also sentenced to the same amount in 2017 for having too many women at its head. The other 16 communities fined were for having instead named too many men.

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