Works, family space, newcomers … All you need to know about back to school in Mandelieu


The eleven schools, but also the four nurseries of the town, are ready to welcome from Monday, the 1,789 small pupils and 209 toddlers.

The municipality took advantage of the summer to carry out maintenance and renovation work for an amount of 360,000 euros. These embellishments concern eight schools: Frédéric-Mistral, The Blueberries, the Buttons of Gold, Cottage Glycines, Cottage Mimosas, Marie-Curie, Primroses and Fanfarigoule.
Most often, it involves painting work, repairing certain floors, replacing lighting with LEDs or complying with WCs (Les Primrères).
A refurbishment also involved three crèches: repair of the kitchen to Les Petits Leprechauns, UV filming on the verandah and painting with Kisses and replacement of the playground and setting up a veil. shadowing to the Little Wolves.
Air conditioning: 1 Me soon voted
In addition, the program of deployment of air conditioning in schools, started a few years ago, will be extended as announced in early July to the parents of students in a letter. During the next budget, it will be proposed to unlock 1 Me to install these future equipment.
This plan will include the completion of work required to meet environmental, health and regulatory standards. The acceleration of the deployment is in response to the resurgence of hot periods, especially in June, as announced by the experts.
novelty: the family space
The town has a new digital tool: the family area.
Registrations, exchanges and payments, this multi-service portal simplifies the relationship with the municipal administration.
Hervé Pateau, who taught at Bocca Parc School in Cannes last year, is named director of Les Bleuets school.
Véronique Dumax Brunet, former director of the Fragonard elementary school in Peymeinade will take the reins of the elementary Frédéric-Mistral.
Bernard Barbier, who was teaching there last year, becomes Director of Cottage Mimosas School.
Did you know?
The law for a School of Trust lowers the age of compulsory education from 6 to 3 years from the start of the 2019 school year. Families whose child is between 3 and 6 years old and not attending school must contact the Service de la Cycle de the child as soon as possible.
Tel.; [email protected] Open Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8:30 to 17h and Tuesday and Thursday from 8:30 to 12h.
the rented in figures
625 kindergarten students for 24 classes.
1,144 elementary students for 45 classes.
11 schools.
209 children in nursery for 4 collective nurseries.
2.3 Me: 2019 Municipal Budget of the Cycle of the Child.
240,000 euros: cost of school transportation.

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