Will Auston Matthews leave the Leafs at the end of his contract?


Kyle Dubas is trying hard to sign his young stars at a "reasonable" price in order to be in a favorable position relative to the salary cap, but that's not really what happens.

In December, William Nylander signed a 6-year, $ 45 million contract. A few months later, Auston Matthews broke the bank by signing with the Leafs on the terms of a 5-year, $ 58.1 million contract.

And right now, it's the Mitch Marner issue that drives the city of Toronto. # 16 would require a salary equivalent to that of Auston Matthews …

Not to mention the contract of John Tavares, which accounts for $ 11M per year on payroll.

But back to Auston Matthews. If everything tells us he will stay in Toronto for most of his career, a former NHL GM thinks the # 34 could go elsewhere at the end of his current deal.

Any place in the United States, even in California or New York City where there are high taxes on incomes, is cheaper than here (in Canada). And the cost of living is not expensive. There is a substantial tax advantage. So, yes, I think he'll leave in five years.

– Brian Burke, former CEO of the Flames

Burke only makes financial arguments that are right, but it would be really surprising that Matthews decides to leave at the end of his contract.

He will be 25 years old at the time, and will begin the best years of his career. It will be up to him to decide what is best for his future, but if he feels good in Toronto, there is no reason for him to leave.

Obviously, the results of the team will have a great importance in the decision it will take.

Let's not forget that during the same summer, William Nylander's contract will also end. That of John Tavares, he will come to term one season later.

In short, these will be extremely busy years in Toronto. The summer of 2024 could be a turning point for the future of the team.

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