why Toyota is betting on France


Toyota has announced the hiring of 500 operators near Valenciennes (North), mainly 18-month fixed-term contracts. No qualifications are required. One of the employees was a caregiver. She traded the bites for the engines. The number of permanent contracts is increasing: 2,938 in 2018, 3,150 in 2019 and 3,600 expected in 2020. Toyota relies on France, an exception among manufacturers. The number of employees in the automobile has gone from 300,000 to only 185,000 in 15 years. Renault should even manufacture its new Clio in Turkey and Slovenia, where the workforce is cheaper, rather than in the Paris region, which worries its employees.

Why can Toyota manufacture in France? The manufacturer has bet on hybrid cars before others. Sales of these vehicles increased by 30% in Europe last year. And he can realize a more comfortable margin on these cars. Once the recruitment period is over, 4,500 people will work in the Valenciennes plant.

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