Why it will be easier and cheaper to have your iPhone repaired


Apple has just launched its Independent Repair Provider (IRP) program, which has been in testing for several weeks with a handful of independent repairers.

Thousands of shops offer to repair iPhone, it is a very lucrative market. Yet Apple does not simplify the lives of its users and independent repairers. There has always been a risk for users to end up with defective parts, such as an unofficial battery.

Until now, the easiest way to repair your iPhone was to turn to Apple or authorized repairers (Apple Authorized Service Provider, AASP), despite the plethora of stores that offer repair services. For a user, it is simpler and safer because he has the guarantee that his iPhone will be repaired with official spare parts.

IRP: spare parts at good prices, free training …

Apple has announced the program IRP (Independent Repair Provider). This program aims to provide independent repairers with the same parts, tools, repair and diagnostic manuals for the iPhone as authorized repairers.

" When a repair is necessary, the customer must be sure that the repair is done correctly. We believe that the safest and most reliable repair is that performed by a qualified technician who uses properly designed and rigorously tested original parts. Said Jeff Williams (Apple).

The IRP program is currently announced in the United States but will be rolled out in other countries thereafter. Through this program, independent repairers will be able to access the same preferential prices to obtain official spare parts. They will also benefit from free training. However, they will have to return the defective material to Apple for recycling or upgrading.

Apple has not just launched this gesture on its own, the California company is obliged to facilitate access to spare parts. As can be read on the website of the DGCCRF (Directorate General for Competition, Consumer Affairs and Fraud Control), the Consumption Act obliges the professional to inform the consumer about the duration of availability of spare parts and to facilitate the provision of spare parts.

Apple's announcement comes the same week as the announcement of Fairphone 3, a smartphone says fair. This smartphone can indeed be easily dismantled, and each consumer can buy spare parts on the official website of the brand to repair it yourself. Finally, Fairphone promises several years of hardware and software support.

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