When the out of stock of a chicken burger causes anger in the United States


The launch of a new hamburger by Popeyes was a huge success. He quickly fell out of stock and did not just delight.

TheThe launch of a new chicken sandwich by the Popeyes fast food chain was so successful in the United States that it quickly fell out of stock, angering customers denouncing an organized shortage.

Founded in 1972 in New Orleans, the brand is known for its fried chicken specialties spiced with Louisiana spices.

"We knew there was a big market in the United States for chicken sandwiches and it was clear that we needed to have ours," says Popeyes America boss Felipe Athayde at Miami Herald. The goal is also to compete with Chick-Fil-A, a leader in this growing market.

The new product

On August 12, the chain now established in Florida after its purchase by Burger King, presents its new product: a chicken breast fried in butter brioche, accompanied by a spicy mayonnaise and a slice of pickled gherkin.

The launch is supported by a campaign on social networks, the hilarious video of a comedian comparing the two specialties to the sound of a gospel becomes viral and the tails lie in front of the stores in the country. A Nevada municipality even orders the closure of a restaurant because the queue is obstructing traffic.

But the store seems to be struggling to keep up and the "more chicken sandwiches" posters are popping up at the doorstep of restaurants.

" Sold out "

The announcement falls on the Twitter account PopeyesChicken on Tuesday: "We love when you love the sandwich. Unfortunately we are out of stock (for the moment).

The brand offers customers to download the mobile application, to be notified of the return of the coveted sandwich.

"We missed one thing, we did not expect to card on the internet," said Friday on CNN Jose Cil, boss of the group owner of Popeyes.

The anger of the netizens

But the announcement has angered Internet users who denounce in this advertising campaign an organized shortage, promising to start again towards the competition.

"You're not out of order, you took it out of the menu to make a sensation," accuses a user among the litany of reproaches made to Popeyes. "How can a chicken restaurant be broken chicken? I give back my money and my talent to Chick-Fil-A, he would never do that, "says another.

A resident of Tennessee has even filed a lawsuit against Popeyes for false advertising, deceptive marketing practices and for making him lose "an infinite time" to seek his sandwich, according to the local press.

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