What is known about arrested suspects including one of the alleged murderers of the Ollioules shooting


The parquet floor of Marseille announced Friday the arrest in the Var of nine people involved "to varying degrees by investigative evidence, including one of the alleged perpetrators".

On Sunday, July 28, around 8:30 pm, two men between the ages of 29 and 30, known to the police and the judiciary, were shot dead in a Ollioules washing station, as well as a 58-year-old tourist, a victim collateral of the shooting. Her husband was also injured.
Five of the suspects were presented to a judge during the day and one of them was indicted "for intentional homicide with organized gangs, attempted premeditated homicide by organized gangs and criminal conspiracy for the purpose of commission of crimes, "said the prosecutor of the Republic of Marseille, Xavier Tarabeux.
The prosecutor's office has requested remand in custody. The other four people arrested Tuesday were released. On the occasion of the searches, 20 kilos of cannabis resin were also seized.
"The investigators of the antenna of the judicial police of Toulon, seized facts, could quickly determine that this settling of accounts was part of the context of a conflict between drug traffickers Var"recalls Friday in a statement the floor.
Local drug market
The 50-year-old couple from Vesoul (Haute-Saône), collateral victims of the shooting, had just arrived in the commune, in their second home. Their children had joined them for three weeks of vacation. Catherine Santos had set up a cheese reprocessing business in Mailley-Chazelot. She had also been a consular judge at the Vesoul Commercial Court. Her husband is product manager of a steel wire manufacturing company in Conflandey.
Near the bodies of the two men targeted by two gunmen, the investigators had found a bag containing a 7.65 mm automatic pistol, 200 grams of ready-made cannabis resin and cash. The two fencers sought after by the investigators were heavily armed, considering the number of casings found on the spot: 29 cases of 7.62 mm, a caliber used in Kalashnikov-type assault rifles, 15 cases of 9 mm caliber, fired by an automatic pistol or a submachine gun had thus been discovered.
Arrived from behind the site, after crossing the small river crossing Ollioules, the shooters had left no chance to their targets, who had not had time to escape.
A source close to the investigation had indicated that this shooting was related to "A war between three clans competing for the local drug market", with epicenter city Berthe, La-Seyne-Sur-Mer, from which originated the two slaughtered men and located 1,500 m from the scene of the tragedy.
The first victim was known for acts of violence and aggravated violence. The second was for drug-related offenses, which resulted in her being sentenced to 18 months in prison, partially suspended in 2017.

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