what could be announced at the same time as the new iPhone


If there is one thing sure about an Apple product, it's the date of release of the iPhone, which always takes place the first half of September. But this unchanging ritual for ten years can sometimes be embellished with other products or services of the brand. The opportunity for us to take stock of what Apple could announce at the same time as the iPhone.

The Apple Watch Series 5

Now arrived (finally) at maturity, the connected watch Apple is one of the main companions of the iPhone. Its evolutions have so far been presented simultaneously to the smartphone, so this should again be the case this year. We can however have doubts, because the device becomes more and more autonomous from the iPhone and the model of this year could quite be activated without the need for a smartphone.

On the other hand, one can also wonder if the Watch will pass this year to the Series 5. So far no leak indicated that the watch benefits from technological innovations. At most, there was talk of the return of the ceramic case and the arrival of a new titanium.

The 16-inch MacBook Pro

It is very rare that Apple takes advantage of an iPhone keynote to also present a Mac. Yet, rumors about this new 16-inch MacBook Pro are more and more insistent. The model would indeed be available before the end of the year. Its screen almost without edge would offer a size equivalent to that of 15-inch models by incorporating a larger slab.

But one argument argues in favor of its rapid presentation: the recurring problems of the butterfly keyboard equipping current MacBook Pro. This new 16-inch version would actually be good old scissors, much more reliable. The best solution to quickly forget about the current ultrafine keyboard fiasco.

The second generation of iPad Pro

While we finally wait for the arrival of a triple camera module on the iPhone, the next iPad Pro should also enjoy. They would then incorporate a classic wide-angle, a telephoto lens and a new ultra-wide angle lens. A major evolution compared to the single objective placed on current models.

The entry-level model could turn a big page by exchanging its 9.7-inch slab against a diagonal model of 10.2 inches. This choice would mark the disappearance of the historical format of the iPad, as Steve Jobs wanted it when it was released ten years ago.

Apple Arcade

While the Switch cardboard and its Lite version looks promising, Apple could well ensure that its next iPhone are competitors of choice. Last March, the brand surprised by unveiling its offer Apple Arcade: access a catalog games consequent for a few euros per month. The launch in September at the same time as its new smartphones would be a rich idea both seem made to get along.

Apple TV +

Finally, it is surely one of the most anticipated services of Apple. We could learn a little more about the competitor Netlfix and Disney + on the occasion of the keynote of the iPhone. However, the latest information is more of a launch in November, priced at $ 9.99 per month; is much more expensive than the equivalent service of Disney, which will be marketed at only $ 6.99.

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