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The first fully electric Opel arrived in France. We make you discover it.

After a first failed attempt in the 100% electric in 2017 with the Ampera-e (which had not arrived to France because, in particular, of production difficulties), Opel will finally propose its first zero emission model (direct). And it is the Corsa that will have this honor. Renewed at the end of the year, the city blitz was making its first appearance before the press this week and we were able to observe closely this Wednesday, August 28 a first pre-series model.

Nothing suggests that this Opel Corsa-e is electric. // Numerama

The rendezvous was given in the heart of Paris, in a derelict garage, for this contact with the city. The first model developed entirely under the PSA era, the Corsa is based on the same "CMP" platform as the new Peugeot 208. The Corsa-e electric version therefore shares its characteristics with the Peugeot e-208: a 100 kW engine ( 136 horsepower) and 260 Nm of torque, a battery of 50 kWh, 330 km of autonomy (according to the WLTP cycle, quite close to a real mixed use), and compatibility with the fast charge. It is now the "must-have" category and it seems consistent with the price positioning of the Opel.

The game of 7 mistakes

What strikes the most in discovering this Corsa-e is the lack of difference with the thermal version. Only the badge "e" positioned on the door pillars and the inscription Corsa-e at the back allow to first identify the battery version. The designer's confession, everything has been done to limit the differences. The demand would come from customers, but we imagine that it also saves money because it limits the need for specific parts. Three other details nevertheless make it possible to identify the electric: specific rims, a less aggressive rocker and … the absence of exhaust.

We spotted the difference! // Numerama

Inside we find the Germanic sobriety and materials are rather qualitative, although we expect to see the serial versions to make a judgment. However, we are far from the cockpit of the e-208 which benefits for the blow of a certain aesthetic advantage. But overall this Corsa-e is rather convincing and should appeal to customers looking for a more sober design.

Opel Inner Corsa // Source: Numerama

On the equipment side, the Corsa-e will carry the range of driving aids and safety equipment that can be expected on a new model: cruise control / speed limiter, recognition of traffic signs, keeping in the lane, braking Automatic emergency, anti-drowsiness alert, etc. Led high beams that do not blind other drivers are also an option, a first for the GP segment.

The electric at less than 30 000 €

Offered at an entry price of € 29,900 excluding bonus, the Opel Corsa-e will be slightly cheaper than the e-208, which should be its main competitor with the Renault Zoe (France still unknown price). It will go into production next January and will be marketed in the spring of 2020. Orders have already been opened since early July.

First deliveries in spring 2020. // Numerama

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