We have summarized 15 years of intrigues in 3 minutes (approximately)


Things happened in fifteen years of "Most beautiful life" – Olivier MARTINO / FTV / NEWEN

  • More beautiful life celebrates 15 years today.
  • The series of France 3 is known for its many twists and turns.
  • 20 minutes has attempted to summarize the more than 3,800 episodes aired on the air, nearly 95,000 minutes of love stories, murders and society.

We are at the end of August 2004. Roland is the boss of the Mistral bar in Marseille, and has a hidden relationship with Mirta Torres. The latter does not want their love to be revealed in the open because she is still married to a man she has no news. She therefore contacts him to divorce, but is found murdered. Roland is then accused, and goes to prison. He is arrested by Léo Castelli, his old friend, a former alcoholic who discovers he has a hidden daughter, the fruit of a relationship with a married woman.

His daughter, Barbara, was recently married to a Syrian refugee, Elias. But after a few months of idyll, the young man kills Christopher Ford, a member of an NGO that exploited migrants. Previously, Elias had hidden his nephew Victor, a clandestine migrant, in the high school where he worked. Before fleeing to the UK, Victor will have a short relationship with Antoine, who has come out as a trans person sometime before. In his transition stage, he is supported by his mother-in-law,
Coralie Blain.

Adultery and amnesia

However, she also has her secrets since she had sex with her step-son (Antoine's brother, so, you still follow?), Theo. While falling in love with his mother-in-law, Theo is the target of all the desires of one of his classmates, Tom Gassin. The latter arrived at the Mistral when his mother died. In a letter she leaves him before dying, she explains that his father, whom he had never known before, is Jérôme Belesta. Coming from an adulterous relationship, it is Tom himself who tells Jerome that he is his son. He then joins the family, made up of Laetitia, the mother of a family who often makes racist and extremist statements, and Kévin, their son. The latter falls in love with Jenny, a homeless man who will die later in his arms.

She is accidentally shot by Patrick Nebout, a police commander of the Mistral police station. He has been married to Babeth for years, who becomes amnesic after a cranial shock and believes she is 16 years old. She will later find the memory, then discover that her husband has cheated with Anne Olivieri, the Commissioner. Unable to break away from their short adventure, Patrick's colleague commits suicide in front of his eyes with his service weapon. So is not life beautiful ?

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