Wallpapers from space to download for free


The Hubble Space Telescope, developed by NASA and the European Space Agency, has sent us breathtaking images since 1990. The dedicated website offers everyone the opportunity to download thousands of images in very high definition, and even in original size, around 100 MB. And for good reason: the optical part of Hubble has a focal length of 57.6 meters and a primary mirror of 2.4 meters!

An ideal opportunity to make us dream and to find original wallpapers for our Apple devices. This site is exceptional because it offers, in addition to crazy definitions, artistic creations related to the space, a "Zoomable" tool available on some photos offering a real journey into space. Several definitions are available:

Direction the Hubble Space Telescope website to make your selection. Once the photographs are downloaded, place them in the folder of your choice. To use them in the bottom of the screen, make a secondary click on the image and choose to Choose as desktop image. If space interests you, download Dan Wiersema's beautiful planets to replace your favorite icons.

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