Visitors to the rhythm of visitors come to discover a historic place


Brousse-le-Château, village labeled the most beautiful village in France has lived the two summer months to the rhythm of visitors came to discover a historic and authentic South Aveyron. The castle, emblem of the town, had an average attendance in July because of the heat wave. The month of August went under better auspices.

The medieval building hosted, during this season, several events: an exhibition of Cole's paintings, three days dedicated to a fun activity around wooden toys. And on August 21st and 22nd, Mr. Rey presented a partial realization of his model devoted to the old village of Brousse and its historical monuments.

Exhibited in the vaulted room under the seigniorial lodge, this miniature representation has aroused the curiosity of the public, by the thoroughness of the work done and still to achieve. The final result will be visible next year, the creator wanting a perfect replica of the place. The tourist season is far from closed, the late season bringing a different clientele and demanding cultural discoveries.

From September 1st, the opening of the castle, to the public, will take place every day, from 14 hours to 18 hours.

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