violent images are unsustainable (video)


The video shows one of the dog's masters violently dealing with this one. Chivas is kicked several times, he gets hit on the head and even thrown to the ground under the encouragement of his companion. It is also the owner of the dog P.N. who put the video online. The Blue Cross Wommelgem Animal Shelter finally intervened. They put the dog safe, far from the clutches of his master.

" It goes without saying that we were shocked when we saw these images Explained Elke, the shelter manager. " We acted immediately and took Chivas away from there. It is clear that we do not expect that when we give a dog to people for adoption. "

According to Elke, the teacher was still convinced by his methods of education. Under the influence of alcohol, he resigned himself and let the volunteers take over the animal who is now living with a host family. The young woman believes that these dogs are very resistant and that Chivas will not be traumatized by the events. A petition has been launched for a blacklist to exist so that these people can no longer adopt animals.

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