Violent clashes in Hong Kong: protesters break down barriers protecting Parliament (videos)


Hong Kong police fired tear gas to try to disperse the protesters.

Thepolice fired tear gas on Saturday to try to disperse a violent protest near the Hong Kong Parliament, as tens of thousands of people braved a deluge and bans to invade several neighborhoods of the former British colony again .

The police had justified not allowing a new demonstration on Saturday because of the risk of violence and recalling the clashes last Sunday, among the most serious since the start of the protest in June.

But from the beginning of the afternoon, crowds of demonstrators dressed in black – the emblematic color of the movement – spread through the streets of several neighborhoods in the heart of the semi-autonomous region. "Take back Hong Kong, the revolution of our time," they chanted.

The tension mounted in the late afternoon, when a small group of radicals began throwing stones at policemen around the complex housing the Legislative Council, the local "parliament", and the Hong Kong executive headquarters. .

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