Vincent Luis crowned triathlon world champion, in pain – Triathlon (H)


Finally, the suspense lasted 4 km. Before the heat stroke, Vincent Luis had done what was needed, leaving fifth in the pool and then staying well hidden in the pack that swallowed the seven loops of the course at the edge of Lake Geneva (40 km). At first glance, everything seemed to roll. The first kilometers of running left the same impression. Luis remained stuck to the basics of Mario Mola, his first rival for the title, leaving the Norwegian Kristian Blummenfelt is the show in front.

There were six in the hunt – including all the contenders for the title – where, in addition to Luis and Mola, were the other Spaniards Fernando Alarza and Javier Gomez Noya. Determined to explode her training companion, Mola was forcing. And after five kilometers, the Mola-Luis duo returned to the Norwegian. But on this day of strong heat on Lausanne (more than 30 ° C), the Viking still had it under the sole and left for good.

Behind, things were getting more complicated for the Frenchman when Mola picked him up four kilometers from goal. Then it was the turn of Alarza and Gustav Iden to double it. Luis did not need to be a genius in mental arithmetic to understand that his throne flickered because if Mola won he should not retrograder in the standings.

And even if his end was very complicated, the Frenchman remained fifth, leaving the victory to Blummenfelt before Mola, Alarza and Iden, crossing the line at the edge of the malaise but with the title in hand, a first for a French in this new formula of the WTS.

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