Villa Maria Serena, splendor and pomp


The kitchen is also vast. Light enters the place from all sides. Pleasant. The sea view, at all angles, is sumptuous. Everywhere, the wooden floors remind you that many balls were held here. In front of the grand staircase, the guests were parked in carriages.

Freedom and tranquility
The party mutes in 1911, after the death of the Countess. His grandson, Louis-Jacques La Caze, inherits the two properties. Maria Serena was sold in 1922 to Hans Henry Konig, British subject and businessman. He thought Garavan was one of the most beautiful places in the world.
"Henry Konig was a homosexual, he came here with his companion, and in Menton he found a quietness he did not know in England, a very delicate man who had a wing built on his side so that the staff does not have to sleep in the basement ", exposes David Rousseau. Maria Serena will be his secret and discreet refuge that will bring him the peace he seeks.
During the Second World War, Konig returned to England. He will not come back to Menton

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